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Table 3 The number of Swi/Snf targets whose transcript level is regulated by oxygen

From: The nuclear localization of SWI/SNF proteins is subjected to oxygen regulation

  HAP1 cells Δ hap1 cells
  Targets p-value Targets p-value
Swi2 95 7.55E-69 119 2.87E-69
Swi3 112 6.14E-94 118 7.31E-102
Snf5 67 5.24E-49 71 1.05E-53
Snf6 109 8.06E-73 139 1.10E-107
Snf11 9 6.79E-10 6 7.45E-06
Taf14 19 8.09E-19 20 3.0E-20