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Figure 7

From: The nuclear localization of SWI/SNF proteins is subjected to oxygen regulation

Figure 7

DAPI and merged confocal fluorescent images of cells expressing SWI/SNF proteins whose cellular location is affected by hypoxia. Cells expressing Snf5-GFP, Snf6-GFP, Snf11-GFP, Snf12-GFP and Swp82-GFP were grown in air or under hypoxia (Hyp), and the images were captured. Only the images of hypoxic cells are shown, because the normoxic cells all exhibit the same nuclear pattern as shown in Figures5 and6. The percentages of GFP fluorescence in the nucleus (N) or cytosol (C) were quantified and plotted here. The scale bar represents 1 μm.

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