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Table 1 Combined injury signs compared to radiation injury signs

From: Wound trauma alters ionizing radiation dose assessment

Early signs More water intake
Greater decreases in numbers of total WBCs
More γ-H2AX formation in Lin+ bone-marrow cells
Similar decreases in survivin protein
Increased serum concentrations of IL-1β, -6, -8, G-CSF, and Flt-3 ligand
Intermediate signs Faster body-weight decreases
Slower wound-healing rate
Greater decreases in numbers of RBCs and platelets
Less γ-H2AX formation in PBMCs
Greater increases in serum concentrations of IL-1β, -6, -8, and G-CSF
Late signs Sustained elevated serum concentrations of IL-8 and G-CSF
  More mortality
  Slower wound-healing rate