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Figure 4

From: Human papillomavirus 18 E6 inhibits phosphorylation of p53 expressed in HeLa cells

Figure 4

Overexpressed p53 is stable. (A and B) p53 was overexpressed with 1000 ng/ml of Dox for 48 h or not overexpressed and western blotswere performed after indicated time of Chx treatment in HTet23p53 and HTet26p53 cells. (C) Western blot for p53 was performed with or without addition of 1000 ng/ml Dox for 48 h followed by Chx treatment for indicated time points in HTet43GFP cells.(D) Graphical representation of percentage of p53 protein remaining after indicated time points in HTet23p53 and HTet26p53 cells by densitometric analysis following normalization with β-Actin. Protein percentage for 0 h Chx was taken as 100.

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