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Figure 6

From: Replication competent HIV-1 viruses that express intragenomic microRNA reveal discrete RNA-interference mechanisms that affect viral replication

Figure 6

The effect of Dicer and Drosha knockdown on NL4-3 miR326 and NL4-3 miR211 viruses. 293T cells were seeded in a 6-well plate and transfected with 10 pM siRNA against EGFP (control), Dicer, or Drosha. Twenty-four hours post RNA transfection, the cells were transfected with 2 μg of pNL4-3 let7 scr, pNL4-3 miR326 or pNL4-3 miR211. (A) Supernatants were harvested 48 hours post viral transfection and used to determine infectious units as normalized to equal RT values. (B) Total RNA was extracted from transfected 293T cells and used to determine relative expression of Dicer (top panel) and Drosha (lower panel) by quantitative qPCR. Amounts were normalized to GAPDH. Data are shown relative to control (siEGFP) transfection with each virus and are the averages of three replicates. * indicates a p-value < 0.05 and ** indicates a p-value < 0.01.

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