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Figure 1

From: Replication competent HIV-1 viruses that express intragenomic microRNA reveal discrete RNA-interference mechanisms that affect viral replication

Figure 1

Sequences of miRNAs and their predicted RNA targets. (A) The putative target sites (with indicated ΔGs) for miR28, miR29b, miR138, miR211 and miR326 in the HIV-1 genome are shown. The miRNA sequence is listed at the top, with the seed sequence underlined; the HIV-1 target sequence is listed at the bottom in the 5' to 3' orientation. The numbers indicate the target position in the HIV NDK proviral genome. B) Three examples of published miRNA-mRNA target pairs (with ΔG values) with indicated mismatches or G:U pairings in the seed sequence. C) The primary miRNA sequences of let7a, miR329 and let7 scr which were inserted into the pNL4-3 proviral plasmid.

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