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Figure 2

From: Glucose deprivation in tuberous sclerosis complex-related tumors

Figure 2

Effects of 2-DG and diets on LEF2 tumor xenografts. Eight-week old SCID mice were inoculated with 3 × 106 LEF2 cells subcutaneously and monitored for 14 weeks under 4 treatment conditions: Western diet, Western diet + 2-DG (0.02%), Carbohydrate-free diet, and Carbohydrate free diet + 2-DG (0.02%). A) Scatter plot of body weights of mice at the end of 14 weeks of treatments. Note that 3 animals in the "Western+2DG" group were sacrificed prior to week 14 due to significant weight loss (i.e., not included in graph). B) Average tumor sizes at week 14 expressed as the product of the length and width. C) Tumor growth over the study period for each of the 4 treatment groups expressed as volume. D) Tumor maximal standard uptake value (SUV) from FDG-PET imaging of 12 mice (3 per group) each with tumor > 5 mm in diameter. E) Examples of FDG-PET coronal images with flank tumors outlined by dotted lines. For graphs, error bars represent SEM. *, p < 0.05; , p = 0.06.

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