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Figure 3

From: Transient knockdown and overexpression reveal a developmental role for the zebrafish enosf1b gene

Figure 3

Expression of enosf1b during development. A: enosf1b expression measured by RT-PCR. Primers for full length enosf1b (Table 1) were used to test for the presence or absence of enosf1b in staged embryo lysate. Bp = base pairs. B: Whole mount in situ hybridization (WISH) with sense and antisense DIG-labelled riboprobe during early embryonic development. Negative control for WISH, DIG-labelled sense riboprobe, is free of WISH colored precipitate. C: WISH for enosf1b during later embryonic development. Except for panel C, original magnification for all photomicrographs is in the lower right hand corner of each picture.

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