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Table 1 miRNAs regulated by NRs

From: Regulation of microRNA expression and function by nuclear receptor signaling

miRNA name Regulation note target Ref.
Let 7 family ER;PPAR;PR induced by estradiol; PPARα and PR agonist regulate let-7c. K-ras; HMGA2; caspase-3; c-Myc; PGRMC1 [28, 51, 57, 8894]
ER c-Myc, adiol, binds induced by estr to the miR-
17-92 promoter; p53 and STAT3 bind to the miR-17-92 promoter.
IM;ER;AIB1;cyclin D1
[30, 88, 95, 96]
miR-21 ER;AR STAT3, NF-κB, CREB and CBP/p300, ER and AR bind to the miR-21 promoter. Pdcd4;PTEN;PPARα; [28, 97101]
miR-221/222 ER;AR NF-κB, c-JUN, ER and AR bind to the miR-221/222 promoter. P27kip1;PTEN;ERα;PUM A [29, 45, 102106]
miR-200 family ER;AR;PR upregulated by estradiol, androgen and progesterone. ZEB1; ZEB2; BMI1 [38, 50, 107]
miR-146a ER;AR repressed by estradiol, androgen and LPS; LPS induces NF-κB binding to the miR-416a promoter. ROCK1; TRAF6; IRAK1; BRCA1; CD40L; STAT1 [39, 108112]
miR-26a ER;AR Estradiol induces miR-26a, which reduces PR mRNA level EZH2;MTDH [113, 114]
miR-101 AR ARE identified in the miR-101 promoter EZH2; MAGI-2; MKP-1;
[41, 115120]
miR-125b AR AR loading to the 5' UTR region MUC1; PIGF; IGF-II; FGFR2; P53;PUMA;E2F3 [121126]
miR-122 HNF4α HNF4α binds to the miR-122 promoter. Hfe; Hjv; CPEB; HCV;
CAT-1; Smarcd1/Baf60α
[55, 127131]
miR-29a FXR FXR-responsive element in the miR-29a promoter; regulated by TGF-β, c-Myc, Hedgehog or NF-κ B Ski; MCT1; PTEN; CDK6 [62, 63, 132135]
miR-210 RARα/RXRα RARα/RXRα heterodimers bind to the miR-210 promoter FGFRL1; HOXA3; E2F3; RAD52 [70, 136138]
miR-23a/24-2 RARα/RXRα RARα/RXRα heterodimers bind to the miR-23a/24-2 promoter Runx2; XIAP; IL6R [70, 139141]
miR-9 TLX TLX binds to the downstream of miR-9 and miR-9 targets TLX mRNA to form a feedback loop PDGFR-β; Nr2e1; FoxP1; Gsh2; NFκB1 [72, 142145]
miR-34a FXR;SHP p53 binds to the miR-34a promoter; FXR interacts with p53 through SHP to regulate miR-34a FoxP1; Bcl-2;CDK4;E2F3;
[59, 146, 147]
miR-433/127 SHP SHP inhibits ERRγ which binds to the miR-433/127 promoters HDAC6;BCL6 [80, 148, 149]
miR-206 SHP SHP represses ERRγ leading to decreased YY1 which inhibits AP1 activation of the miR-206 promoter Notch3; HDAC4; KLF4; Pax7 [81, 82, 150153]