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Figure 3

From: TBP-related factors: a paradigm of diversity in transcription initiation

Figure 3

Phylogenetic tree of the TBP-related factors in eukaryotes based on alignment of their core domains. TBP (gold) is the founding member of the family with representatives in archae (not shown), yeast and all metazoans. TRF (TRF1, red) is found in the fruit fly and the mosquito. TLF (TBPL1, TRF2, light green) is found in all multicellular organisms, but not in yeast. TBP2 (TBPL2, TRF3, blue) is restricted to vertebrates. The bar signifies the distance in the tree corresponding to 10% divergence. Legend: hs-Homo sapiens, mm-Mus musculus, rn-Rattus norvegicus, xl-Xenopus laevis, fr-Fugu rubripes, ci-Ciona intestinalis, dm-Drosophila melanogaster, ag-Anopheles gambiae, ce-Caenorhabditis elegans, sc-Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ciTBP: XP_002127120, ciTLF: XP_002128047, ciTBP-like: BW175023, agTBP: XP_309748, agTRF1: XP_317373, agTRF2: XP_308361.

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