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Table 2 Homologous recombination proteins in L. hongkongensis and their closest homologues

From: Environmental adaptability and stress tolerance of Laribacter hongkongensis: a genome-wide analysis

Repair pathways/Types of enzymes Gene Protein Function of protein encoded CDS Closest match organism Amino acid Identity (%) Best E-value
RecBCD pathway recB Exodeoxyribonuclease V beta chain Catalyzes unwinding of double-stranded DNA and cleavage of single-stranded DNA, stimulates local genetic recombination LHK_01202 Pseudomonas entomophila 45.33 0
  recC Exodeoxyribonuclease V gamma chain ATP-dependent exonuclease and helicase, DNA-dependent ATPase and ATP-stimulated endonuclease LHK_01203 Pseudomonas aeruginosa 48.11 0
  recD Exodeoxyribonuclease V alpha chain ATP-dependent exonuclease, ATPase and ATP-stimulated endonuclease LHK_01201 Pseudomonas putida 50.47 1.00E-126
RecFOR pathway recF DNA replication and repair protein RecF DNA metabolism, DNA replication and normal SOS inducibility LHK_01798 Bordetella petrii 43.67 4.00E-91
  recO DNA repair protein RecO Acts with RecF and RecR LHK_01467 L. nitroferrum 50.41 6.00E-43
  recR Recombination protein RecR Acts with RecF and RecO LHK_00965 L. nitroferrum 70.71 5.00E-79
  recQ ATP-dependent DNA helicase RecQ Helicase involved in the RecFOR recombination pathway LHK_02771 C. violaceum 68.49 0
Branch migration and resolution recG ATP-dependent DNA helicase RecG Catalyzes branch migration in processing Holliday junction intermediates to mature products. Unwinds DNA with a 3' to 5' polarity LHK_02776 L. nitroferrum 71.3 0
  ruvA Holiday junction ATP-dependent DNA helicase RuvA Forms complex with RuvB, RuvAB is a helicase that mediates Holliday junction migration by localized denaturation and reannealing LHK_03111 C. violaceum 59.7 1.00E-54
  ruvB Holiday junction ATP-dependent DNA helicase RuvB Possesses weak ATPase activity, stimulated by the RuvA protein in the presence of DNA. Forms complex with RuvA LHK_00086 L. nitroferrum 92.35 8.00E-165
  ruvC Crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease RuvC Resolves Holliday junction intermediates in recombination, cleaves cruciform structure in supercoiled DNA LHK_03190 L. nitroferrum 79.89 6.00E-58
Other recombination repair related proteins priA Primosomal protein N' Replication restart protein, catalyzes reactivation of replication forks that have stalled at sites of DNA damage LHK_02821 L. nitroferrum 58.37 0
  radA DNA repair and recombination protein RadA Binds and assembles on single-stranded DNA, promotes DNA strand exchange between homologous DNA molecules LHK_02039 L. nitroferrum 79.42 0
  rusA Crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease RusA Resolves Holliday junction intermediates made during homologous genetic recombination and DNA repair LHK_01785 Ralstonia eutropha 62.04 3.00E-40
  rdgC Recombination-associated protein RdgC Inhibits RecA promoted DNA strand exchange, ATPase activity, and RecA-dependent LexA cleavage, a potential negative regulator of RecA LHK_00720 L. nitroferrum 58.92 3.00E-92
  recX Regulatory protein RecX Inhibits RecA recombinase and coprotease activities LHK_00794 Burkholderia phymatum 52.45 8E-25
  yqgF Putative Holliday junction resolvase Nuclease resolves Holliday junction intermediates LHK_02882 L. nitroferrum 66.67 8E-46
  bet Single-stranded DNA annealing protein Mediates annealing of (partially) single-stranded regions of DNA containing regions of complementary sequence LHK_01498 Providencia rettgeri 69 9E-74
  exo Alkaline exonuclease Single-stranded DNA exonuclease that digests double-stranded DNA ends with 5'- to 3'-polarity to generate long 3'-ssDNA ends LHK_01497 Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. rhinoscleromatis 70 7E-76